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Banksia praemorsa


Scientific name: Banksia praemorsa

Family: Proteaceae

Plant type: Medium sized shrub

Environment: Full sun, well-drained soil. Drought tolerant

Uses: Specimen plant, screening plant


Australia – 59C, 64E, 75B


Cut leaf banksia (Banksia praemorsa) is a medium sized shrub native to a small area on the southern coast of Western Australia.

In its native range the cut leaf banksia is common, found in coastal sand dunes in kwongan habitat. Kwongan is an ecosystem found exclusively in southwestern Australia defined by its high level of species diversity and species unique to the region. It has nutrient poor, sandy soils and low growing, fire adapted plants. This habitat once covered almost thirty percent of southwestern Australia, but much of it has been lost over the years due to a number of factors including land clearing, urban development, and disease.

The cut leaf banksia was introduced into cultivation at Kew Gardens in the 1790s from