• Jenn Tapler

August 14th

Happy Wednesday!

This morning at Garden Camp we spent a lot of time learning some new songs. Does your camper remember any?

After some time preparing for our day, the Walnuts went to the library to get some reading done while the Cedars went out into the Garden to learn.

Today with AJ our campers either learned a little bit about evolution, or a little bit about pollinators. The Cedars tried to play some blob tag but it was too darn hot for them to finish a round! Instead they spent some time in the trees absorbing the shade and deepening their knowledge on things they've learned. Later, when the Cedars went to the library, the Walnuts hung out with AJ and turned their fingers into bees that went around pollinating the Garden.

Trying to keep beating the heat, our groups spent some time in the Redwood Grove with Ingrid. Today everyone got to make a place mat. On the place mat campers were asked to cut out or draw some of their favorite plant based foods that they like to eat.

At the end of the day we sang some more songs before preparing for pick-up. One of our favorite songs as a large group is the "pasta song" that gets longer and longer from suggestions from the campers. Today thanks to camper suggestions we sang about taking baths, making maps, and kindness.

All day long we made sure to stay in the shade, re-hydrate, and re-apply sunscreen. If your camper came home with an empty water bottle, you can count on it having been refilled and emptied a few times throughout the day! Hydration is key!

Questions For My Camper:

-What are some ways that we use plant material in our home? What are some ways you learned that are different than what we normally do?

-What are your favorite type of plants to eat?

-Could you tell me one new thing you learned today?

See you tomorrow!


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