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August 15th


This morning Garden Campers started the day by singing Ooh-Ka-Lay-Lah, a silly song that we hope will bring some clouds back to our San Francisco sky.

Despite the hot weather we were happy to continue on learning all about Plants and People. In-between hiding in the sun, darting past the sprinklers that watered the plants and lawns, reapplying sunscreen, and drinking a lot of water, campers had a fun filled day of activities!

We started off our day with our second guided children's walk. Each group was sectioned into smaller groups so they could tour the garden on a more individualized and personalized scale. Our walk guides brought us some new knowledge from all of their years leading walks with other kids!

After that we all found some shade for lunch. The last half of the day we rotated through lessons and library time, trying to beat the heat while also making sure to learn all about this big wide world we live in.

With Ingrid, campers started the process of making kale chips! Don't tell your campers--but tomorrow we'll have our Field Day where we can play games and celebrate the week. We'll eat some kale chips then, and maybe even brew up some sun tea or fog tea to wash it down with!

With AJ, campers got to do a whole bunch! One group got to look for salamanders and other insects while rolling logs and looking for their habitats. They talked about basic web of life things and how the energy flow goes up or down. The other group got a deep look into pollinators like bees, and spiders. They talked about the different kinds of webs. Does your camper remember any?

Questions for my Camper

-What did you have to do when making kale chips? What do you think they will taste like?

-What is one thing you learned during the Children's Walk today?

-Tell me about your lesson with AJ. What kind of bugs did you talk about? Where do those bugs live?

We've had a great week so far and we can't believe that tomorrow is already Friday.

If you are interested in learning a little bit more about what we did this week with our groups, we invite you to join us on Friday at 3:15pm. Our campers will and discuss different things they learned and review different activities they participated in together. We'll even sing some songs!

We will ask you to sign-out your camper upon arrival to our Open House but you are welcome to stay until we've completed circle time. We will begin transitioning from our Open House to Pick-Up around 3:45pm. At this time you are welcome to head out with your camper.

All the best,

Jenn Tapler


Garden Camp Director

Office: 415-661-1316 x404

[email protected]

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