• Jenn Tapler

August 6th

We had an incredible second day of camp here at Garden Camp this week!

While continuing to learn all about some of the Extraordinary Ecosystems we have here in the Garden, today our campers focused their attention on the Coast Redwood Forest.

Did you know that coast redwoods are the tallest trees in the world? Redwood forests help cool the planet through carbon sequestration! These forests create incredible ecosystems that contain fish, amphibians, birds, and mammals. Our campers spent a lot of their day in our very own Redwood Grove as they explored it in depth.

We also had some time today to do some art with our Content Specialist, Ingrid. Ingrid had us do some tree etchings. Does your camper remember the process? On the back of their tree etchings they were asked to draw an experience or something in their lives that has helped them grow. Many of our campers drew about the birth of their siblings!

We learned a lot about how redwoods work with our other Content Specialist, AJ. Did you know that some amphibians live in redwood trees and never even come down to the ground? Redwoods have spongey bark that absorbs more moisture. They even grow to be so tall that at a certain height, they start absorbing moisture through fog that passes through!

If you and your camper are looking for more information about redwoods, this website here has some fun information that you can look over together! https://www.savetheredwoods.org/redwoods/interactive-redwood-forest-facts/

Questions For My Camper:

-I hear you spent a lot of time in the redwood grove today. What is something new you learned about redwood trees today?

-Did you get to feel the bark of the redwood today? What did it feel like? Can you describe it to me?

-What memories did you include on the back of your tree etching? How have those memories helped you grow?

Tomorrow we look forward to learning some more about the Garden while we explore! See you then.

Warmly, Jenn

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