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August 7th


Today at camp we had the opportunity to learn all about ponds and the Extraordinary Ecosystems that ponds have.

All groups spent a lot of time at the pond with AJ while learning about healthy pond ecosystems and unhealthy pond ecosystems. After learning the important, healthy parts of an ecosystem, the campers had an opportunity to draw both healthy and unhealthy ecosystems on their own. While they spent their time at the pond they observed turtles and birds and fish, talking about all of the important things that go together to create a good habitat.

Today with Ingrid our campers had the opportunity to contribute to a mural dedicated to protecting Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea is the highest point in the Hawaiian island, and astronomers are attempting to build a telescope on this sacred mountain. There have been protests trying to block it! Our campers had a chance to learn about this sacred mountain and its importance before working on the mural, and some groups were even able to create magic stick wands to help cast positive energy toward Hawaii!

Questions For My Camper:

-What did you learn about Mauna Kea today?

-What are some of the things you observed at the pond? Can you tell me one healthy thing for a pond ecosystem? What about one unhealthy thing?

Both of our groups also got to try out our brand new parachute for some fun games, as well as taking some time inside the library to get some reading done.

Thank you so much for choosing Garden Camp and sharing another wonderful day with us!

Jenn Tapler


Garden Camp Director

Office: 415-661-1316 x404

[email protected]

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