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July 17th - Adventure Day

This morning we saw the beautiful weather that was going to fill our day and we knew we had to get in a little adventuring!

After handing out t-shirts and going over travel rules, everyone broke off into their small groups to do some morning activities. Some groups spent some time listening to some beautiful piano music while others stretched and prepared themselves for the day.

Later in the morning our groups reunited so they could travel as a big group to Mother's Meadow. We can't climb trees in the Garden and we don't have any play structures to make up for it, and we were happy to allow campers the ability to climb and let out all of their excess energy!

Not only did we spend some morning time outside of the Garden, but we ate lunch out there too! We took some time observing and journaling some of the things around us as well. Eventually we returned to the Garden where we had some Free Choice time. Since our exploring took a lot out of us, we stuck to some energy rebuilding craft time.

Overall, Adventure Day was packed with lots of learning and even more joy as we got to see some wonderful things around us.

Questions For My Camper:

-Where are some of the places you went with your group today? Which was your favorite? Why was that your favorite place to be?

-What was the best part of Adventure Day for you?

Adventure is out there! See you tomorrow.

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