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July 24th - Adventure Day

We knew right away this morning that it was going to be a warm day. After donning our Garden camp t-shirts and discussing how to stay safe during Adventure Day, campers and their group leaders headed out nice and early to get started.

The fog never once threatened to dampen our day! We got some great exploring done over by the de Young Museum and the music concourse area. One of our favorite places to go on our Adventure Day is to the de Young Museum's Observation Deck! From up there we can look out across the park and the city with so many things to observe.

The de Young Museum has lots of exhibits that we got to interact with as well. We spent a lot of time observing and journaling throughout the day. While there are so many beautiful things in our own Garden, all of the places around Golden Gate Park are full of beauty we don't get to see normally!

Not being able to climb trees in the Garden means when we explore, we get in as much climbing as possible. It gives us a chance to stretch our legs and arms!

Overall we had a packed day of expressing ourselves and just enjoying the places that we got to immerse ourselves in. Your campers walked a lot today so if they're feeling exhausted, that may be why!

Questions For My Camper:

-Where are some of the places you went with your group today? Which was your favorite? Why was that your favorite place to be?

-What was the best part of Adventure Day for you?

Adventure is out there! See you tomorrow.

Jenn Tapler


Garden Camp Director

Office: 415-661-1316 x404

[email protected]

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