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July 31st - Adventure Day!

It only took until Wednesday but we are so thrilled that the sun came out to join us for our Adventure Day!

After donning our Garden Camp t-shirts and discussing how to stay safe during Adventure Day, campers and their group leaders headed out nice and early to get started.

One of our favorite places to go for Adventure Day is to the de Young Museum! They have so many different exhibits that we have access to. Our campers love exploring the light area, as well as going up into their Observation Deck and recording what they see! All groups had a chance to head up there this morning and gaze out over the park.

After that it was time for lunch. We found a beautiful spot to gather in the shade so we could eat up.

From there they headed right for the Conservatory of Flowers, spending some time in the open area there before entering. In smaller groups, it made it so they could easily walk the paths inside without being overcrowded. This gave all campers an opportunity to really focus on different areas in the Conservatory and have some individualized attention with their group leads.

Some of the rooms in the Conservatory had different humidity levels and different temperatures which allowed for different types of plants and flowers to grow. There were even areas in the Conservatory where there were fish! The carnivorous plants were some of our campers favorites, followed by aquatic plants and tropical plants.

Does your camper remember any type of flower from the Conservatory? What about the one where the petals would close when you touch it?

Groups had a lot of freedom during Adventure Day to explore and satisfy their curiosity while still having a chance to learn! There are so many plants and flowers in the Conservatory that have adapted to different conditions that they got to walk through. I'm sure your camper has their very own favorite part of the day that they would love to share with you.

Questions For My Camper:

-Tell me something you learned at the Conservatory of Flowers. What was your favorite part? What kind of plants were your favorite?

-At the de Young Museum, what are some activities you did? Which was your favorite?

-How are the plants you saw in the Conservatory similar to the plants you've already learned about in the Garden? How are they different?

-What was the best part about Adventure Day for you?

We hope that your camper had an incredible day exploring Golden Gate Park. We love being able to show them some of our partner organizations and all the beauty that we can create together as a community.

Adventure is out there! See you tomorrow.

Jenn Tapler


Garden Camp Director

Office: 415-661-1316 x404

[email protected]

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