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Spring Plant Sale 

Saturday and Sunday, May 2-3

The Bay Area's largest plant sale of the year, featuring over 4,000 different kinds of plants - many exclusive to the Garden's Nursery! 


Saturday, May 2 

  • 10-11am - Garden Lover Level +  Reception and Preview

    •  (Open to Garden Lover, Garden Steward, Garden Conservator, and Strybing Circle Levels) 

  • 11am-1pm - Member Preview Sale

    •   (Open to all Member Levels) 

  • 1-3pm - Public Sale      

Sunday, May 3

  • 10am-3pm - Public Sale


San Francisco County Fair Building

1199 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

Download a Map of the Sale

Member Benefits


All Garden members get early access to the sale and receive a 10% discount on purchases by either showing their current Membership card, or a temporary Membership Card.


Garden Lover level member and above may bring guests to the Reception and Member Preview:

  • Garden Lover: 2 Guests

  • Garden Steward: 4 Guests

  • Garden Conservator: 6 Guests

  • Strybing Circle: 8 Guests


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Not yet a member? Become one today!


The spring plant sale draws on the support of more than 200 volunteers, from corporate and community groups who help set up and transport plants, to a host of dedicated, long-term nursery volunteers who propagate and tend plants year-round, sharing their valuable knowledge with visitors during the sale.

More 2020 details to come... 

Know Before You Go


County Fair Building is accessible via numerous Muni routes such as the N-Judah streetcar, 44, 71, 28, 29, 7 and 6 buses.


Bike Racks

There are many bike racks available outside the County Fair Building for bike parking.



Please enter “9th Avenue and Lincoln Way” as your pick-up or drop-off address for car share services.



Street parking is limited but available throughout Golden Gate Park. Paid parking in the Music Concourse Parking Garage is available as well.


Plant Pick-Up/Loading

Plant loading zone is accessible off Lincoln Way at 10th Avenue in the parking lot behind the County Fair Building. The loading zone is available post-purchase for plants to be safely stored while you retrieve your vehicle. Staff and volunteers will be available in the parking lot to assist.


Will Call

Feel free to utilize will call to temporarily store your plants so you can get more. We will hold plants until the end of each day at which point, plants will be returned to the sales floor.

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