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San Francisco Botanical Garden is a public/private partnership between San Francisco Botanical Garden Society and the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

Year End Letter  

Stephanie Linder, Executive Director

Dear Garden Members and Patrons,


With nearly half a million visitors each year, San Francisco Botanical Garden is a vital part of the Bay Area. It’s a place where everyone, from babies to seniors, gathers to learn, collaborate, celebrate, strengthen bonds and friendships, and build new ones – all while connecting to plants and our environment. 

The Garden is more than a pretty place, we’re an organization committed to building a greener future. Please donate and help us address three critical issues that threaten the health and well-being of people and our planet: nature-deficit disorder, plant blindness, and shrinking biodiversity. 

Here are a few highlights from our efforts this year: 

  • Curing nature-deficit disorder:

    • Shared music, plants, and community with 58,000 Flower Piano participants in the Garden over 12 days in July

    • Engaged 1,963 volunteers who contributed 42,907 hours to virtually every aspect of the Garden’s operations

    • Revitalized and opened the Celebration Garden, creating a welcoming space for visitors as well as new events and activities

  • Correcting plant blindness with exposure to botany, horticulture, and ecology:

    • Served 3,801 children, parents, and grandparents, through Bean Sprouts Family Days, who enjoyed intergenerational bonding while gardening, exploring, learning, and playing in the Children’s Garden

    • Welcomed 13,000 children to learn about plants and their importance to the planet through our Youth Education Programs 

  • Protecting plant biodiversity:

    • Launched a campaign to build a new nursery and maintenance facility to advance conservation efforts and achieve our potential as a world-class garden

    • Added more than 121 new accessions in the past year

    • Featured 8,997 unique taxa throughout the Garden 

With your help, we can continue to work on solutions to these fundamental problems. Give a gift today to connect people to plants, the planet, and each other.

With gratitude,

Stephanie Linder

Executive Director

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