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San Francisco Botanical Garden is a public/private partnership between San Francisco Botanical Garden Society and the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

The Heart and Hub of the Garden

A New Nursery Campaign

Why a New Nursery?

A new nursery facility will enable San Francisco Botanical Garden to achieve its potential as a world-class garden and enhance its capacity for supporting conservation efforts.

A nursery will allow the Garden to:


  • Implement best practices for plant propagation and overall nursery operations for both the living collection and the retail operation, including proper sanitation and pest control.

  • Accept plant material from other institutions to participate in broader ex-situ conservation efforts and provide the extra care needed for rare, endangered, and unique plants, many of which are not available commercially. The Garden has already been approached by conservation organizations regarding partnering to accept and protect plant materials that are under threat in their native habitats, but with the current nursery facility, we are unable to provide the level of care needed to maintain these plants.

  • Modernize our 51-year-old retail operation. Simultaneously, we will develop a new business plan to increase revenue and better serve customers with plants iconic to the Garden and noteworthy plants that are not common commercially.

  • Improve safety and centralize work to better serve the collections and Garden staff, as well as volunteers who contribute thousands of hours, funds, knowledge, and leadership.

  • Enhance Garden maintenance with centralized storage of equipment, tools, materials, and vehicles for the horticultural team.

The new nursery facility has already secured robust support from the City of San Francisco through the Recreation and Park Department and individual donors.


Of the $6.7M needed to complete the campaign, $4.8M has already been secured. To complete this campaign, the Garden is seeking an additional $2M in private contributions by June 30, 2020 that will be matched dollar for dollar.


The Garden is grateful to all partners willing to join in support of this exciting campaign and its next chapter.

To learn more about this campaign, please contact Stephanie Linder: