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August 16th - Last Day of Camp!

We spent our days singing our Fog Calling song so of course it makes sense that the fog rolled in just in time for our last day at camp.

Wrapping up our week our campers were able to spend their morning up in the Children's Garden one last time, learning and exploring with our group leads. They were able to water some plants and spent time by the pond.

To celebrate our Friday we had a special Field Day! We brought out the parachute and some other games for our campers to play. As it is the very last week of the very first year of camp, as well as some of our staff members birthday, we brought out a pinata! Everyone was able to take one swing at it. The pinata was a tough one though, and ended up needing the help of the counselors to break it open for the lollipops inside.

If you were one of the families to join us in the gallery--thank you for coming out! Your campers had a lot of energy and were enthusiastic about everything that they learned this week and the songs that they wanted to sing. If you couldn't make it, no worries, I'm sure your campers have lots to say about their final day.

Thank you again for such a wonderful week of Garden Camp! It was a blast watching the campers learn and grow together throughout the Garden.

Early next week we'll be sending out our post-camp survey as well as a Dropbox link that contains photos from the week. We ask if you have a moment to please fill out the survey so we can continue to build and strengthen camp together for the rest of the summer.

We hope to see you again next summer!

All the best,

Jenn Tapler


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