• Jenn Tapler

June 14th - Last Day of Camp

No plastic! No plastic! No plastic!

That was the main chant I heard while our campers did their very own climate march today! We had such a fun-filled last day of camp that was packed with creativity, learning, and some final adventuring.

This morning many of our campers joked about this week being extreme weather camp week. We started this week off reapplying sunscreen as often as possible, seeking out shade whenever we could, and attempting to avoid the heat. Thankfully by midweek it cooled down, and today was cool, misty, and overcast. Thankfully we're adaptable!

Our last theme day for our Amazing Adaptations week was We Can And Must Adapt. We learned all about how we can change to support the plants and animals that are in our community. Some of those things include gardening, supporting wildlife habitats, reducing landfill waste, and being water-wise.

With Spencer our campers were able to watch a video where other kids like them were able to chat with Dianne Feinstein about climate change. They also talked about what a climate march is and were shown a video of other kids in San Francisco who participated in one. Building on what they spoke about the day before, campers were able to create signs that we later carried during our very own climate march.

While sitting by the pond, AJ taught our campers that our planet isn't like a fish tank: if we take stuff out of it, or drain the resources that we have, they can't be replaced. They also spoke about different human activities that lead to greenhouse gases.

Throughout the last day groups spent time enjoying one another's company, preparing to say goodbye to one another. The Walnuts spent a lot of time in the Redwood Grove while the Cedars took some time to show off their talents to one another during an impromptu talent show. They all explored some of the Garden one last time before returning to the Great Meadow for their climate march.

If you were one of the families to join us on the Great Meadow--thank you for coming out! Your campers worked hard on their signs and proudly displayed them as they walked across our field. If you couldn't make it, no worries, I'm sure your campers have lots to say about their final day.

Thank you again for such a wonderful week of Garden Camp! It was a blast watching the campers learn and grow together throughout the Garden.

Early next week we'll be sending out our post-camp survey as well as a Dropbox link that contains photos from the week. We ask if you have a moment to please fill out the survey so we can continue to build and strengthen camp together for the rest of the summer.

If your campers are coming back later in the summer, we'll see you soon! If not, we hope they enjoyed spending their time in the Garden with us.

All the best,

Jenn Tapler


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